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International Festival of Old European Billy Goat-2021, Poland

The contest is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of awarding the Nobel Prize to Albert Einstein. The physics genius received the prize for the year 1921 in 1922. Surprisingly, he did not win the prize for the famous Theory of Relativity and the E = mc2 equation, but the explanation of the photoelectric effect. This contest, however, celebrates Albert Einstein’s lifetime scientific achievement and efforts to promote peace. The contest is organized in cooperation with the Department of Nuclear Energy and under the Honorary Patronage of the Minister of Climate and Environment.

A. Terms of participation

1. The contest is open to everyone, including foreigners.

2. This contest is for drawings, graphics and other artistic works created with any technique, which are original, have not received any other awards and meet the technical requirements outlined in point 6.

3. Contest theme and categories:

I. Albert Einstein – category: caricature, joke

II. Peaceful use of nuclear energy – category: joke

4. One participant can submit up to 2 works per contest theme.

5. Submission of works:

Stage 1 – scanned copies of works can be sent electronically (file extension: JPEG, resolution: 300 DPI, maximum permissible file size: 5 MB) to the e-mail address: by November 15, 2021.

Stage 2 – the list of works qualified for the contest and exhibition will be published on the website The original copies of qualified works should be sent after the publication of the list, no later than 31 December 2021, by regular mail to the following address:

Dariusz Pietrzak

ul. Morelowa 14, 62-095 Murowana Goślina, Poland

with the following annotation: (FFSE contest)

6. Work format: maximum A-3 (29.7 x 42 cm), admissible size of one file: 5 MB, JPEG file extension. For three-dimensional objects (e.g. sculptures), a photo of work should be sent first. The life-size dimensions cannot exceed the following: 30 x 30 x 30 cm – delivery method will be agreed with the organizer.

7. The submitted works should include a short biographical note and the entry form completed in CAPITAL LETTERS. The author consents to the public processing of the disclosed data (within the scope provided for in the GDPR) and dissemination of his/her image.

B. Prizes

The contest jury will award the following prizes specified in these rules:

* Grand Prix – the “Koziołki” (“Billygoats”) statuette and a cash prize of PLN 10,000 * 2 gold medals and cash prizes of PLN 7,000 each. * 2 silver medals and cash prizes of PLN 6,000 each. * 2 bronze medals and cash prizes of PLN 5,000 each.

In addition, the contest organizers will be awarding distinctions and additional prizes not specified in these rules.

The right to award the prizes specified above, change their value or choose not to award them is reserved for the Jury. The Jury’s decisions are final. Authors whose works were qualified for the post-contest exhibition must send original copies of their works to the mailing address specified in point 5 (stage 2) by the final deadline – 31.12.2021 (the organizer must receive the works by that date). Otherwise, their works will not be presented at the post-contest exhibition and included in the catalogue.

The prizes are taxable in accordance with applicable legal regulations. To receive the prize, the winner must appear at the exhibition or provide the organizers of the contest with the bank account number to which the prize should be transferred within the agreed date and in the appropriate currency.

C. Final provisions

1. Authors of the submitted works authorize the contest organizers to:

– present their works and use the works in all fields of exploitation for

advertising purposes and in materials related to the theme of the contest, and

the presentations of the post-contest exhibition,

– reproduce their works and place the works on the market in the form of a catalog and other published materials, including online,

– trade in the original works or their copies,

– lend or rent originals of the works or their copies,

– disseminate the works in any other way not covered above.

2. The works that won prizes or distinctions in the contest become the property of the organizers and prize sponsors. 3. All disputes related to the interpretation of the contest rules will be settled by the contest organizer.

4. By submitting their works for the contest, authors accept these rules and consent to the dissemination of their image in the catalog of the post-contest exhibition, as well as the list of qualified works published online.

5. The contest is organized by:

Fundacja Festiwalu Satyry Europejskiej „Koziołki” (The Foundation of the Festival of European Satire “Billygoats”)

ul. Mazurska 15, 60-433 Poznań, Poland

The organizer is represented by:

Dariusz Łabędzki /FFSE president/

Dariusz Pietrzak / member of the FFSE board/


the launch of the contest: August 1, 2021

the end of electronic submission of works: November 15, 2021, 23:59 CET

the publication of information about works qualified for the post-contest exhibition: by November 30, 2021 at

sending the original copies of works qualified for the exhibition: by December 31, 2021

the meeting of the Jury: January 10, 2022

the announcement of the results: by January 15, 2022

post-contest exhibition: March 12 – 31, 2022


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