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International cartoon exhibition: the eradication of child labour-2021

Dear friends

This year, 2021, was declared by the UN as the International Year to fight for the eradication of child labour, a scourge that exists on all continents. We all know that many times it is a need for the survival of families in poverty, other times, by simple slavery, the usury of those who only want to get rich, exploiting their fellow men. As much as some might want to deny it, it exists in every country, in one form or another.

Thanks to the Trevim Cooperative and the Lousã City Council, I continue my quixotic struggle to make people laugh about serious matters, to better think, to better understand reality. You artists who have this gift of seeing the world through philosophical satire have a great responsibility to awaken sleeping minds in the monotony of the good life. It is up to you to denounce, as only you know, this reality. If you want to collaborate in this new adventure of mine (it's a simple exhibition, not a contest) and give your perspective on the subject, to say what you know is happening in your country, or elsewhere on the planet, you can send a drawing (at maximum two) on this matter by October 30, 2021 to

Due to the pandemic, the inauguration of the exhibition moved to the beginning of the year 2022. All participants will naturally receive the catalog by mail.

Thanks again

Big hug

Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa (Humorgrafe)


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