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The Series of Cartoon Programs in the 2021 China- ASEAN Education Cooperation Week

The Series of Cartoon Programs which including International cartoon exhibition entiled Flying up Ideal with Cartoon , Short Animation Screening, The Forum on International Cartoon Education as well as workshops are helld during the period time of the 2021 China- ASEAN Education Cooperation Week. We also carry out Cartoon Forum and Discuss Panel in the campus of Guizhou University of Commece .

Decoration of Exhibtion and Forum

This Series of Cartoon Programs are sponsored by Guizhou Association for Ecomoy & Culture Promotion, organized by Guizhou University of Commerce and Co-organized by Culture & Multimedia International Assocaiation.

The Internation Cartoon Exhibition would last from September 24 to October 10,2021 in the Exhibition Hall of Art Exchange Center of China- ASEAN Education Cooperation Week in Beiyuan District of Guiyang, Guizhou, China.

Exhibtion Sites

It is our pleasure to say that the famous artists in the world express the dream and idea of the teenagers as well as their passion and love to teenagers in their artworks. We appreciate and enjoy the customs and cultures of different nations through these wonderful and different styles of artworks. All of these artworks show the richness and diversities of cartoon art in the world.

Children and Adults Audiences


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