Museo de Humor Gráfico Diogenes Taborda exhibition-2020



Museo de  Humor Gráfico Diogenes Taborda  
2020 exhibition program Invitation
Dear artist Of my highest consideration
I am the director of the Museum of Graphic Humor "Diogenes Taborda" of Argentina and organizer of exhibitions planned for the 2020 season, I write this time because we would like your participation in collective exhibitions scheduled for the months of January, February and March 2020.

Happy Chinesse New Year / Año Nuevo Chino 2020
Year of the Metal Rat /  Año de la Rata de Metal

Sending work by attached mail

JPG measures 30x40 cm
You can send up to three drawings
Tematica Rats and Mice at the Taborda Museum
Submit the drawings by December 20, 2019
Accompanied by a text in word with a reduced artist's resume
Once again it will be a great pleasure to have your paretyon in the exhibition
Thank you
 A hug Jorge Omar

Museo de  Humor Gráfico Diogenes Taborda  
“Ratas y Ratones, en el Museo de Humor Gráfico Diogenes Taborda ”
Año Nuevo Chino 2020  / Rata de Metal
Inauguracion sábado 25 de enero 19,30 hs. / Inauguration Saturday, January 25, 19.30 hs. 



Director Jorge Omar Volpe Stessens



Museo de Humor Grafico Diogenes Taborda 



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