The results of the Olense Kartoenale Annual Cartoon Contest 2019 Olen, Belgium



number of participants: 380 cartoonists

number of different countries: 52 number of entries: 1,125

Adult category


1st prize "the tin pot": Ali Ghanaat (Iran)

2nd prize "the copper pot": Jamal Rahmati (Iran)

3rd prize 'the earthen pot': Aliyeh Mazaheri (Iran)

4th prize 'the inkwell': Norbert Van Yperzeele (Belgium)

price of Bialogard town: Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz (Poland)

prize Amnesty International: Carlos Amorim (Brazil)

Overview youth category winners:

Best international entry: Kani Piriani (Iran)

Best Belgian entry: Wolfgang De Bont (Belgium)


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