The Jury panel of Trumpism International cartoon & Caricature Contest-2019


Massoud Shojai Tabatabai, the Secretary of the 2nd International “Trumpism” Cartoon and Caricature Contest announced:

188 artists from 51 countries have send us 622 artworks via email, while 25 days are left till the deadline. He said the jury members include Jitet Kustana from Indonesia, Shankar Pamarthy from India and Mohammad Hussein Niromand, Saeed Sadeghi (the winner of the second prize in the previous contest) and Massoud Shojai Tabatabai.

Emphasizing the worldwide attention of the artists to this competition, Shojai Tabatabai pointed out there is no limitation of submission of artworks, it means that each artist can submit his/her works one by one before the deadline, and their submission immediately will be presented on the website and we will answer the artists immediately.

Shojai Tabatabai noted that due to the presence of foreign jury members there would be no deadline extension, so please send us your artworks till December 1, 2019.

It should be mentioned that the 2nd International “Trumpism” Cartoon and Caricature Contest will be held by “Iranian Sacred Defense Cinema”, “The Holy Defense Museum” and “Hoze-Honari” on December 15, 2019. The ceremony will be televised in all Hoze-Honari’s centers in country.


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