The results of the Hengyang Quit Drugs International Cartoon Contest 2019, China


The contest received a total of 3,210 entries from all over the world, including 621 overseas submissions, involving 43 countries and regions. The 103 works produced this time were based on 321 works that were previously selected for the first time. These award-winning works not only use various artistic languages ​​to reveal the harm of drugs, but also fully affirm and diversify the artistic conception of “detoxification from the heart” from many aspects. (Feng Man)




"Resistance" Kazanevsky (Ukraine)
"Mood" Ryan (Brazil)
"Save with Heart" Constantine (Romania)
"Leaping" in Black Dali (France)
Demarcation Husseini (Iran)
Heart of Kestka (Iran)
"Farewell" Moussa (Turkey)
"Destroyed" Safizad (Iran)
"Save" Karachi (Iran)
The Road to Kelly (Peru)
Ascension Nassa (USA)
Cutting, Babey (Iran)
Bloodstains Idabeka (Kazakhstan)
Breaking Freedom Pete (Austria)
Remembrance of Omar (Egypt)
"To the Grave" by Aileles (Brazil)
Superman and Drugs Rida (Germany)
"Cross Heart" pickup (Colombia)
"Sucking" Kahali (Egypt)
"Heart Fly" Bolanbayev (Kazakhstan)
"Destruction" Esohulov (Uzbekistan)
Breaking Free, Gite (Indonesia)
Heart Road, Ida Beka (Kazakhstan)
"Smoking" Seyran Caferli (Azerbaijan)

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