30 at the International Biennial of Humor in ArtTolentino- 2019, Italy



30 at the International Biennial of Humor in Art

Tolentino 23 November 2019/26 January 2020

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The Municipality of Tolentino indexes and organizes the 30th International Biennial of Humor in Art , a prize competition dedicated to humor.

The competition is divided into two sections:

  1. " Città di Tolentino International Award " dedicated to humor on the theme "hatred" .

" Hate" is a profound feeling.

" Hate" is a feeling that expresses true aversion.

" Hate" is a feeling that wants to destroy the hated object.

" Hate" is a feeling that makes you feel right, while you destroy what you hate.

" Hate" is a feeling towards a nation, an ideology, a faith, a race, a politics, a person.

" Hate" is a feeling that allows individuals to find in the common enemy the "bond" that reinforces social cohesion.

" Hate" is a feeling that is rampant in the new mass media.

" Hate" is a feeling that allows the network to convey ( hate speech ) contempt and resentment in vast areas of society.

The 2019 theme forces us to reflect critically on the malice present in society, through the humor that "serves no purpose", which is aimless and without purpose and which, for this reason, can play with the most disturbing stereotypes of the contemporary world .

  1. " Luigi Mari Award ", dedicated to the caricature portrait of famous people.

The competition includes:

  • a selection of the works received by a qualified Jury. The selected works will be exhibited at the 30th International Biennial of Humor in Art, an exhibition to be held in Tolentino from November 23rd 2019 to January 26th 2020;

  • the publication of a catalog of the selected works, which will be given as a tribute to their authors;

  • an evening / prize-giving event for the winners.

As part of the award ceremony, there is a “Merit Recognition: Humor on the Net”, dedicated to the new products of post-modernity that break the established models to which traditional comedy has accustomed us.



Contemporary artists of all nationalities can participate in the competition, with no age limits, with a maximum of three works for each section, unpublished and in original, of dimensions and free technique, in any form of visual art and any type of material and support: painting , graphics, sculpture and installation ,photography , video. Works of digital art entirely realized on the computer and works realized by photographic source are also admitted provided that the digital intervention is structural, only if also sent in hard copy, signed and numbered by the author.



The deadline for admission to the competition of the works is set at 4 October 2019 . By this date all the works must reach:


Secretariat of the "30th International Biennial of Humor in Art" - Palazzo Europa - Via Tambroni n. 4 - 62029 TOLENTINO (Italy)


Each author must compulsorily attach the participation form, completed in every part and duly signed. Each work must be signed in original and accompanied by the appropriate coupon.

The works must be sent carriage free. The works sent will be accepted only if they are not burdened by taxes, customs charges, any other burden on the Municipality.



The admission of the works, their selection for the exhibition and the awarding of the prizes are the exclusive responsibility of the Jury appointed by the Municipal Administration of Tolentino in concert with the Artistic Direction. The judgment of the Jury is final and cannot be appealed.



The Jury will award the following prizes:

 "Città di Tolentino International Award" dedicated to humor on the theme "hatred"

 1st Prize - Winner of the Biennale € 3,000.00. In case of ex-aequo, the prize money will be distributed among the winners.

 2nd Prize - € 1,000.00.

 3rd Prize - € 500.00.


 " Luigi Mari Award" dedicated to the caricature portrait of famous people

 1st Prize - € 1,000.00.

 2nd Prize - € 500.00.


Other special prizes may be awarded by the Jury.



The winning works will not be returned. They will remain the property of the Municipality of Tolentino and will become part of the collection of MIUMOR - International Museum of Humor in Art .


The works expressly donated by the Author will remain the property of the Municipality of Tolentino, which may freely dispose of them.


The works not donated can be collected personally by the artist or his delegate at MIUMOR starting from 28 February 2020 or they can be returned if the interested party specifically requests it on the coupon attached to the work, not before the thirtieth day after the planned closing date of the Biennale, unless extended.



The Municipality of Tolentino, as the organizer of the event, ensures the utmost diligence in the custody and surveillance of the works for the duration of the stay at the Biennale headquarters and during the transport phases of the works themselves, however declining every 

liability for any theft, fire, damage or loss due to imponderable causes that may occur.



Each participant in the competition grants the Municipality of Tolentino free of charge the reproduction rights of the selected works for their publication in the official catalog of the Biennale, in the number of copies that the Municipality considers convenient, for publication on the website and any other form of communication, promotion and activities of the organization.


The Municipality is authorized to publish the work on any support, even for commercial purposes. The Author will be indicated in the reproductions of the work, in the ways of use. The Author allows the free use of the work for cognitive, educational, recreational and public enjoyment purposes.


The author of the published work expressly waives any compensation.



The participants in the competition expressly authorize the Municipality of Tolentino to process the personal data transmitted pursuant to the Code regarding the protection of personal data, also for the purpose of insertion into databases managed directly by the Municipality or by a subject appointed by it.


The Municipality of Tolentino, as organizer of the 30th Biennale, has the right of final decision on everything not specified in these Regulations.


The Regulation is published on the website www.biennaleumorismo.it in Italian, English, French and Spanish. In the event of a dispute, the Italian text is authoritative.


Participation in the competition of the 30th International Biennial of Art Humor implies the unconditional acceptance of all the articles of this Regulation.






tel 0733.901365 / 0733.969797

and mail: info@biennaleumorismo.it



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